Sterling Silver Metaphysical Jewelry
Independent Sales Representatives and/or Distributors Wanted

Various Worldwide Locations

WHOLESALE Independent Reps ONLY, we are *not* looking for Retail Reps

Join the TanZyr Indenpendent Rep Sales Staff!
We are a major manufacturer and importer of Pagan/Wiccan/Metaphysical jewelry, a fast growing industry.
We have been in business for over 20 years and are positioned to see our business grow unbound.
We have an better than industry average compensation program for qualified Independent Reps, and a better than industry average discount program for qualified Distributors.

There are a few things things that we look for in someone wanting to work with us in this business.

#1, we're looking for people that are serious,
#2 people that are at least on a basic level familiar with the symbols and symbolism we offer,
And #3, you have to be *willing to work*.
A sales, marketing or distribution background is a real plus but not a requirement to be successful.

In our industry we offer the following:

HOT sellers. We have over 700 of the best selling products in the industry.
We help people, and help people help themselves.
Compensation for trade show booth fees, under pre-agreed/contracted conditions.
Catalogs (our catalog) custom re-worked to reflect your business name and address. (You are responsible for the printing, but TanZyr will do the production work)
We introduce NEW ITEMS every month!
(for Independent Reps) there is of course no inventory to carry. We ship everything to the customer, and pay you commission monthly when the sale is closed/payment has cleared.

We use various marketing techniques to pre-qualify our jewelry designs.....the internet in a variety of ways, shows both wholesale and retail. Lessening your odds of making a sale that the customer is unhappy with/can't move quickly in their store.

Company Information
TanZyr is a worldwide manufacturer and importer, with a focus on metaphysical jewelry. See our wholesale website at www.tanzyr.com.

Basic Job Description (Wholesale Reps)

As a sales rep for TanZyr, you will sell a wide variety of Pagan/Wiccan/Metaphysical/New Age Jewelry in Sterling Silver (and Gold by special request, deposits required) Rep responsibilities include maintaining/developing relationships with customers as well as cultivating new and latent accounts. Job functions include communicating product information, entering & monitoring orders, maintaining proper contact within the given territory.
Rep positions require probable overnight travel and car. Compensation for business travel are the responsibility of the Rep, not TanZyr.
If you apply for a Rep Position/Territory, you will be an Independent Contractor, and responsible for your own business, you will not be a direct employee of TanZyr.

Because we still get so many requests for "Rep" business relationships,
from people who do not really understand the positions we seek to fill,
this is a list of examples of what we are NOT looking for:

*People who want us to front/supply their inventory for retail shows free of charge.
*People who want us to front/supply their inventory for wholesale shows free of charge.
*People who work for a store/are associated with a store and want to get the commission for selling to their store, but don't plan to go out and show our samples to other stores in their area.

If you want to offer our line as an online or catalog retailer, but do not want to carry stock, we do offer drop shipping! (we do not offer drop shipping on Indenpendent Rep orders, only to customers that we work with directly)

And if you are a store looking for a discount, we offer those too, please email us for details!

Basic Information (Wholesale Distributors)

As a Distributor for TanZyr, you will have the opportunity sell our entire line in Sterling Silver (and Gold by special request, deposits required) Distributors have fewer responsibilities than our Reps, and work as independent businesses. All wholesale requests and orders within a Distributor's designated (ie contracted) territory will be referred to the Distributor for order fulfillment.

In order to be a Distributor for TanZyr and receive customer referrals, Distributors *must* match our wholesale pricing.

If you want to purchase from TanZyr and price the wholesale merchandise as you see fit, we will be happy to work with you, we have several volume customers that do just that, but in that case a Distributor is not a true Distributor, but is considered a volume buyer, (and we do not acknowledge specific territorial rights for volume buyers).

Minimum stocking orders at deeply discounted prices are required from our Distributors.
Business travel, trade shows, etc, are the responsibility of the Distributor, not TanZyr.

If you are interested in further information, please contact us:


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